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Is Neptunia Sisters vs Sisters Compatible on Steam Deck?

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The highly-anticipated RPG title Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters is here, combo-attacking players’ gaming platforms as they engage in all of the battles the game has to offer. And although this title is available on a wide variety of gaming platforms, many PC players are eager to know whether or not Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters can in fact run on their coveted Steam Decks. Well, today, we’ll answer the question, “Is Neptunia Sisters vs Sisters compatible on Steam Deck?“.

Is Neptunia Sisters vs Sisters compatible on Steam Deck?

When you first head to the Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters page on Steam, nowhere will you find the game’s compatibility with the Steam Deck platform, in any kind of form. This can easily be taken to many, as the game just doesn’t have the capability of being run on the device. Though this isn’t the case in the slightest.

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In fact, players can certainly run Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters on their Steam Decks, though there are some caveats to be aware of if you really want to get it to play with little to no qualms. The first thing to take into consideration is the fact that the game has some pretty moderate PC requirements, compared to the hardware that the Steam Deck offers.

In order to get the best results and have Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters running at tip-top speeds, players are going to want to lower their Steam Decks’ refresh rate to a hard 40hz. While you could tap it up to 60hz, there will be a drop in frames. Having it at that 40hz refresh rate will get the smoothest frames per second possible, especially if the resolution is set to a strict 720p. This ensures you won’t have any hiccups.

So as long as you aren’t pushing the Steam Deck with too high of settings, then you really won’t have issues playing Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters. Especially with the fact that the game is fully controller compatible, you also won’t have issues with the controls on the Steam Deck either.

Well, that answers the question; Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters is playable on the Steam Deck! Be sure to check out some of our other helpful guides as well, such as “How to Unlock All Endings for Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters”. And like Gamer Journalist on Facebook for even more content!

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