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How to Unlock All Endings for Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters

This is the end. Or at least one of them.
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RPGs and a select number of other game genres implemented a mechanic years ago that deserves both my love and hate: multiple endings. Love, because playing the game exceptionally feels wholesome and rewarding. Hate, because I will feel pressured to discover absolutely all the secrets in the game, making my social and family life disappear. But who needs those, am I right? Hello? Oh well, we are going to deal with an action RPG that implements this mechanic in a very particular way. Here is how to unlock all endings in Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters.

How to Unlock All Endings

In Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters has a total of three endings: a Normal Ending, a True Ending, and a Bad Ending. I must say, it is perfectly balanced, like all things should be. What I mean is there are games that have dozens of endings that aren’t quite different from each other. I don’t find that amusing. Anyway, the way the game decides which ending to play is dependent on the Shares gauge mechanic. This measure is present throughout your adventure. It shows the relative power and market dominance between Gameindustri Goddesses and the rPhone. It starts at 99:1 in favor of the rPhone, and as you progress through the story, the relative power will change.

If the Goddesses lose the market battle, meaning that the rPhone has a bigger relative power, you will get the Bad Ending (Goddesses Shares under 30%). If the Goddesses crushes the rPhone’s Shares, then you will get the Normal Ending (Goddesses Shares at or above 70%). Finally, to get the True Ending of the story, you will have to match the rPhone’s Shares and the Goddessess’, both at 50%.

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Playing the game will determine how Shares move. Play good and you will raise the Goddess Share rating. Play awfully and you will lower the Goddess Share rating. Since you would want to aim for a 50% Share presence, then you could auto-sabotage yourself to make things balanced. Level up and complete quests to increase Shares, and let your party members get knocked out and get wiped out to lower your Shares. Good luck!

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