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Is Fortnite Cross Platform? How to Play with Friends

Play with your friends, anytime and anywhere.
Image via Epic Games

It’s no secret that Fortnite is the multiplayer game of choice for a large portion of the gaming public. Whether you’re old or young, new or seasoned, there’s always something fun to do with your buddies in the world of Fortnite. But what if your friends aren’t playing on the same kind of platform as you? Is Fortnite cross platform?

Is Fortnite Cross Platform?

The good news is yes, Fortnite features full cross platform functionality across all of its available platforms, and I do mean all of them. Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Android devices, or PC; no matter where you’re playing the game and how, you can easily group up with anyone else playing on anything else. How do you think this game became the multiplayer dynamo it is?

So, with that question answered, next is the matter of actually getting a game going. Here’s how to play Fortnite with friends.

How to Play with Friends

Image via Epic Games

To squad up with your friends, you’re going to need to know every involved player’s Epic display name. Remember that Epic Games utilizes its own account system independent from any accounts on other platforms. If you have a friend playing on an Xbox, for example, their Epic display name may be different from their Xbox Live name, so make sure you have the right one.

When you’ve got everyone’s Epic names, you need to add all of them to your friends list. On any platform, go to Fortnite’s lobby, open the menu, and click on the little picture of the guy with the plus sign next to him. This is the friends menu.

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In the search bar, enter the Epic name of your friend. Their profile should come up, so just click the “Add Friend” button to send them a friend request. If they accept the request, their name will appear in your friends list. Just a heads up, if you or your friends are playing on any platform besides PC, make sure you have crossplay enabled in the game’s settings under the Account and Privacy tab.

Once everyone’s on your friends list, then you just have to get a Squad match going in the lobby. Your friends should be able to see that you’re in the lobby in their respective friends lists; they can just click on your name, and they’ll be instantly brought to your Squad lobby, ready to play.

If you’re looking for some fun stuff to do in Fortnite, either with your friends or by yourself, keep an eye on our Fortnite section here on Gamer Journalist for the latest tips and event news.

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