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Is CS:GO Down? How to Check Immediately

CS:GO may not be a new game, but there is a way to check if servers are down.
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There is absolutely nothing worse than when a game isn’t working correctly or goes down completely. Of course, most of the time this is out of the hands of the players which can make it all the more frustrating. It can be because of a spike in too many players for the servers to handle or even the cause of malicious hackers. No matter the case, we can explain how you can tell if CS:GO is down or not on your own, and extremely quickly.

Is CS:GO Down? How to Check Immediately

Because CS:GO is kind of an ancient game, you won’t find a lot of the more modernized avenues when checking its stability. Some games like Fortnite have their own social media pages dedicated to this while others even have the software baked into the game itself.

Because of this, you can’t actually get an official answer on if it’s a you problem or a Valve problem. This makes matters worse as if it’s something that you can fix, you have no idea of what to even try. And in the event that it’s Valve’s issue, you could waste your own time fixing something you have no control over.

Luckily, there is a third-party option, Downdetector. This site reports on game outages and server issues 24/7 and it’s extremely quick to respond, so that’ll be your best bet to see if other players are experiencing the same issues as you. While it isn’t an official word, it is something that’ll at least let you know whether it’s an issue that you’ll just need to let pass or not.

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