Vitality Defeats Astralis, Rises To Grand Finals at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021
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Vitality Defeats Astralis, Rises To Grand Finals at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021

After a fierce and competitive match, Vitality defeats Astralis to achieve a great victory with a 2-1 score.
Vitality over Astralis, BLAST Premier Fall Final
Image via BLAST Premier

In the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021, together, we watched Vitality race to victory with enthusiasm. Earlier in this highly contested match, it was unclear who would win, as both teams were running very close to each other on the first two maps.

Vitality’s win took them to the grand final, which means their next opponent will now be Natus Vincere (NAVI). Both teams seem strong and ambitious, and while no one knows who will win, NAVI is likely to be intimidated after this Vitality rise.

Vitality vs. Astralis BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021 Results


After a 2-1 win, Vitality suffered a close 16-12 loss on the first map and Dane’s pick, Nuke. But after that, things started to turn around and heat up. They took a 16-11 win on the following map, Inferno, and went full throttle. On the last map, Mirage, they mercilessly managed to beat Astralis with a score of 16-7.

In the final, they will now fight with another great team, NAVI. Although the team seems exhausted after this challenging game, in the words of Richard “shox” Papillion, “We are very happy to be able to reach the final, even that is a great achievement for us. It is not so important to win or lose. The important thing is to have a good Counter-Strike game in front of everyone.”

After his encouraging speech, the fans began to look forward to the finale more sincerely. Vitality’s shining roster has shown its dominance against Astralis and is now poised to shine in the final.

Vitality CSGO

The first map, Nuke, was the Danes’ choice, and they took a 3-0 lead on that map and won the pistol round. Of course, it was an excellent start for them, and they won the first map without pitying their French enemies. Vitality, playing as CT, tried their own defense system, and Astralis crushed it. Astralis took the lead in the first map and won.

When Astralis was on the defensive side, they started with a minor loss to Vitality. Vitality took the pistol rounds, but that didn’t mean they would give up. They immediately struck back and managed to bring the game to 16-12.

Although Vitality chose the second map, Inferno, it didn’t start out well for them. They started by playing on the T side and won the pistol round, but then the Danes took things seriously and made it to 8-5. However, Vitality recovered towards the end of the first half and managed to push the situation to 7-8.

In the second half, it was much easier for Vitality, leveling the situation almost without difficulty on the CT side and then taking the lead with a score of 16-11. Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut and Kévin “⁠misutaaa⁠” Rabier were the shining stars of this game.

This last map, Mirage, was a game-changer. Since the one who gets this map will be the winner, both teams tried to win with all their might. Starting as CT, Vitality got all the praise this time and finished the first half 9-6. It was the momentum that the Frenchmen needed, as they went on to win 7 of the following 8 rounds in the second half. A tough loss for Astralis, but a well-deserved win for Vitality.

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