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How do I Gain Access to the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test? Answered

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It has been 10 years since the initial release of Counter-Strike and for many fans, the sequel never seemed like a possibility. As the years passed, the loyal fans began to lose hope, switching onto newer games such as CS:GO and Valorant. But Valve Corporation has made an epic comeback in the form of introducing players to a new tick system. This will allow for faster and more precise opportunities to get picks mid-match. But with this out-of-the-blue announcement brings forth many questions. One of which is the Limited Test you could partake in. Here is how to access the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test.

How to Access the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test

Unfortunately, not everyone will have access to the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test. Rather, Valve themselves will decide who gets to play this Test. Valve Corporation share how players will be chosen to partake in the Limited Test. There are various factors that determine their picks; from the recent amount of playtime you have dedicate inside the Valve official Servers to your total standing for your Steam Account. The biggest factor of all however will be just how much time you have dedicated within CS:GO, being their biggest Video Game with the highest playerbase.

Having a Good Standing on Steam means that you have purchased CS:GO or other Valve games after a 90 day period, showing that you are a loyal fan of their work. More evidence points towards your loyalty as a CS:GO player due to the Counter-Strike sequel becoming part of CS:GO’s core, an addition Mode similar to Warzone or DMZ for Call of Duty. Counter-Strike 2 will indeed be a massive upgrade for CS:GO, focussing on the realism in their gameplay, making every shot count.

How Will you Receive an Invite for the Limited Test?

As the Limited Test will not be available for everyone, you will need to regularly check the Main Menu of CS:GO for a possible invite. This should not be a problem for those who put a lot of time into the game already, as this is one of the leading factors into Valve’s decision for participants, those who regularly go on the game will have a higher chance of being chosen. Of course, this does not mean that if you do not play CS:GO as regularly as others, you should not repeatedly go onto the game just to check your Main Menu for an invitation.

Upon receiving an invitation however, you will need to Enroll and select Limited Test in order to try out the latest Counter-Strike 2 for yourself.

That is how to gain access to the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test. What do you think about the sudden announcement of the sequel from Valve Corporations? For other Video Game news and guides, feel free to check out Gamer Journalist.

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