Is Blood West on Steam Deck?

Can shoot undead from your handheld device?
Blood West Steam Deck
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Fans of eldritch horror games will be pleased to hear that the western Blood West is fully released now and available to all who dare try it. However, many players wanted to be able to play with their undead gunslinger while they were on the go, so a natural question arose – can you play Blood West on Steam Deck?

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Even though many of you are probably aware that nowadays, almost any game can be “hacked” onto the Steam Deck, it’s always nice and useful to know whether your game will run smoothly on the platform or have tons of bugs. Keep reading to discover what Steam Deck can do with Blood West.

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Can You Play Blood West on Steam Deck?

At the time of writing this article, Blood West is playable on Steam Deck. This means that you can run it with fairly good settings and support, but the game is not officially released for Steam’s handheld device so you can expect minor issues.

When I say that you can expect minor issues, I mean that you can expect an occasional bug, in-game letters that weren’t adjusted and are too tiny, or the need for the pop-up virtual keyboard to enter text into the game.

Even though the game isn’t officially fully supported for Steam Deck, or “Deck Verified” as they like to say in Valve, this is the next best thing. Even though I described some issues you might expect during your gameplay, I honestly don’t expect you to run into those every time you turn on the game. Problems described here will most likely happen only on occasion.

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