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Is Aerodactyl in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Has Aerodactyl Been Grounded?
Image Via The Pokemon Company and Nintendo

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has a bevy of new Pokemon for players to collect and battle. While the game has received critical acclaim and commercial success and a large part of that is players wanting to fill up their Pokedex as much as possible.

Even though Scarlet and Violet features Pokemon from each other previous eight generations, some fan favorites may get left out. Despite the hundreds of potential partners you can catch, sometimes a fan wants that one Pokemon more than any other.

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Is Aerodactyl in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

The prehistoric Pokemon was part of the original generation and has been featured in numerous games. It has been included in at least one game every generation since its introduction and quickly established itself as a fan favorite. It’s design based on a flying dinosaur captured fans’ hearts from the offset. It even had a mega evolution in the 7th gen of games.

While there are dozens of Pokemon from the 1st gen including Magikarp, Eevee, and Ditto, Aerodactyl did not make the cut. Aerodactyl is not in Pokemon Scarlet or Violet. There is currently no plans to have it included in expansion content or DLC.

If you’re still looking for more information on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, stay tuned to Gamerjournalist. Perhaps you’re wondering what mass outbreaks are and how to find them. Maybe you need an in-depth guide on how to use feathers you’ve found. Sometimes you just need to find that specific material you need for your TM like Venonat fangs.

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