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What are Mass Outbreaks and How to Find Them in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

So many Mons so little time!
map screen shot from pokemon scarlet and violet
Image Via Gamefreak and Nintendo

The Mass Outbreak feature was first introduced in Pokemon Legends Arecus. Now in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, they are back but slightly tweaked. A Mass Outbreak just means there are lots of that designated Pokemon about to spring up in that area for a while. They are easy to track and can help you find rare and unique Pokemon you’ve been searching for. They are also a good way to get more XP and find a shiny of that Pokemon! Here’s how to find Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Where to find Mass Outbreaks

You can find a mass outbreak anywhere in the Paldea region on your map. They will spawn randomly at all times and are usually identified on your map with a small picture of whatever Pokemon is about to pop up there. Keep in mind it may take some time for the spawning to take effect. A picture of a pokemon indicated a mass outbreak won’t always mean that the outbreak has started just yet.

On an additional note, Mass Outbreaks with pictures of pokemon only appear if you’ve already seen that Pokemon. If you haven’t the Outbreak will appear as a ? for you to go and discover.

As previously stated the’s outbreaks are used to up your chance of a shiny pokemon. Which will mean you have to engage in many of the outbreak Pokemon. If you’re just looking for quick XP you can always just use the R button to send your ‘Mon out and wipe them all out.

That’s all there really is to mass outbreaks. They are fun to track and help build up your Pokedex and XP. If you find yourself looking for a specific Pokemon or kill time as you travel, keep your eye out for them and remember to be patient.

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