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In the Face of Darkness Quest Bug in Destiny 2

In the Face of Darkness Quest Bug in Destiny 2

The new Season of Arrival is now active in Destiny 2, which brings many new quests to the game. While progressing through these quests, some players have reported an In the Face of Darkness quest bug in Destiny 2. This bug is preventing people from progressing further through the other missions. We have some potential fixes for this problem, which you can read down below.

Starting In the Face of Darkness Quest

This new quest starts after completing A Shadow Overhead mission, after which you will see this new quest in your list. First, you will need to go to the Drifter in the Tower and get the Seed of Silver Wings. This item must be taken to the invasion site on Io to start the new Contact Public Event.

Complete the Contact event and return to the Drifter, who will have you use his Umbral Decoder. The machine is right next to the Drifter, which you can use to decrypt any of the new Engrams.

In the Face of Darkness Quest Bug

Next, you need to complete Taken Their Energy, which requires a Strike, Crucible, or Gambit to be complete. There is reportedly an issue here where sometimes the matches are not registered with the server, and players cannot progress any further. We have seen some players from the same team randomly receive credit while others did not.

You can try doing a Strike, Crucible, and Gambit and see if you get credit for any of them, though that is not a 100% fix. Other players report that playing a Clash (rotating playlist) works, as it may be an issue with the Core Playlist. It looks like this is a server issue from what we can tell, possibly due to the number of people playing the new season right now. After finally receiving credit for the match, you can go to the Drifter to proceed.

To the left of the Drifter is the Prismatic Recaster, where you need to deposit 500 Twisted Energy. Now, you can get Umbral Enhancement from the Light and Dark tab and choose your Engrams. Some players are reporting that their inventory is full of Umbral Engrams here, and they cannot proceed any further. It’s a problem because you can’t dismantle the Umbral Engrams already in your inventory.

One fix is to switch to another character, pick up the abandoned Engram from the Drifter and open it. You should now be able to open the rest.

In the Face of Darkness Quest Bug in Destiny 2

Next, you might run into an issue where you need to start Means to an End but cannot. Some players report that the quest simply does not show up in the Prismatic Recaster, which prevents progress. There is no available fix for this, but many players are having the issue, so we may soon see a hotfix.

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