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Contact Public Event Location in Destiny 2

The new public event Contact is now available in Season of Arrivals, the latest season of Destiny 2 that was unveiled today. An odd floating pyramid is unleashing waves of enemies, and you will have to fend them off. In this guide, we show you how to start Contact Public Event in Destiny 2.

How to start Contact Public Event in Destiny 2

This event is on Io and will consist of destroying enemies and collecting their motes. You will then need to deposit the motes into the bank within the three-minute time frame, which is underneath the pyramid.

There is a total of four different waves, with the last wave being the toughest to defeat. To start the Contact Public Event in Destiny 2, you will need to deposit Blooms into the bank. A message in chat will say “Concentrated Darkness coalesces nearby” whenever they are available.

The pyramid then launches an orb towards the Blooms, and you can try and grab it. Banking each Bloom that appears before the final wave is complete allows you to get the Heroic Contact Public Event to spawn where you must defeat a Taken Pyromaster. 

The non-heroic version of the event has you face off against Will of Quria. If you are going for the heroic version, try and gather a bunch of players because it’s not exactly smooth sailing.

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