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Identity V Releases its New Map Dark Woods

Identity V Releases its New Map Dark Woods

When it comes to ideas for spooky setpieces, you can never go wrong with the classic forest. Besides being dark and generally inhospitable, it also serves a good visual metaphor. After all, the state of trees reflects the things that are buried beneath them, so when there’s a whole lot of evil buried beneath them, well, you end up with a lot of evil trees. Bad place for a nature hike, great place for a deadly game of cat and mouse like Identity V!

Today, asymmetrical mobile game Identity V releases its new map, Dark Woods. As the name no doubt implies, the Dark Woods are a forest set against the backdrop of pitch-black night. According to the in-game lore, it actually used to be a lovely forest managed by the Gamekeeper before his run-in with poachers left him a mangled mess. After that, the woods were shut down, and without proper upkeep, were eventually consumed by a fire. The Dark Woods still stand, technically speaking, but drastically changed. The trees are gnarled with fire damage, the once-clean river runs green with unspeakable pollution, and the animals have turned feral and vicious. 

Identity V Releases its New Map Dark Woods

While not exactly ideal for a Sunday stroll, the tortured remains of the Dark Woods provide some unique terrain for the games of the Manor. Hanging vines, the last vestiges of proper vegetation, as well as logging crane hooks can be climbed and swung on by both the Hunters and Survivors. The numerous Gamekeeper huts and hunter traps provide both cover and hiding places from prying eyes.

The Dark Woods previously appeared during the special mission, Time of Reunion, with players either aiding or hindering the escape of the mysterious “Little Girl.” The woods have opened up in earnest as of today, so drop on by for a nature walk. Hope you’ve had your shots.

Identity V is available for Android on Google Play and iOS in the App Store.

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