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How Vehicle Combat Has Changed in Warzone 2.0

Vehicles have come a long way!
Vehicle Action Shot with buggies, helicopter, and jeep
Image via Activision

If there’s one thing about Warzone 2.0 that makes the game feel like a night and day experience from the last title, it’s the way that Infinity Ward has innovated with the vehicles, not just in the gas/repair system, but how you can actually use them to your advantage.

These mechanics not only appear in Warzone 2.0 but were heavily shown off during the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, causing speculation as to whether they would make their way into Warzone 2.0 by its launch. And with the game having recently been released, what better time to talk about how vehicle combat has changed in Warzone 2.0?

How Vehicle Combat Has Changed in Warzone 2.0

Mounting Vehicle Roof
Image via Activision

Vehicle combat has seen a significant face-lift in Warzone 2.0. There are many different ways that players can now not only interact with the vehicles they’re driving but with enemies’ cars as well. For instance, players can now run on top of any vehicle without fear of falling off. In fact, you’re able to vault onto helicopter parts that hang off, as long as they’re big enough for you.

How to Lean Out of a Window in Warzone 2.0

If you’re sitting in vehicles, such as cars and trucks, you can actually lean out of the window to pop shots, and consistently hang out until you’re ready to go back in. This is done by hitting the R3 button on your control to get in or out of the window. Drivers can even do this too in order to save their own skin.

How to Jump from Car to Car in Warzone 2.0

But when it’s time for you to drop your vehicle, or if you’re pulling up alongside an enemy vehicle to make a play to jump onto their vehicle, simply hit the A/X button on your controller to thrust your character onto the roof of your car so that you can jump over to and invade theirs.

How to Mount Vehicles in Warzone 2.0

Probably one of my favorite aspects of vehicle combat this time around is the fact that you can now mount your gun to the roof of your car, similar to how you do in doorways and onto desks. It’s done by hitting the same R3 button. Though, if the roof of the vehicle is too high, you won’t be able to.

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All Armored Vehicles in Warzone 2.0

  • Tactical Vehicle (TAC-V) – Damage Rating: Medium/High
  • Cargo Truck – Damage Rating: Medium/High
  • Light Helo – Damage Rating: Medium/High
  • Heavy Chopper – Dmaage Rating: High
  • Armored Patrol Boat – Damage Rating: High

Best Vehicle to Use in Order to Win in Warzone 2.0

The best vehicle you can use to win in Warzone 2.0 is most definitely the Heavy Chopper. Especially when in a squad, this thing can be used as an HQ for the duration of the game, if everyone is posted up properly within it.

You can shoot from its side door and jumping bay, and even with no pilot, the chopper will remain steady in the air and won’t move. This is perfect for sniping, watching the catch unfold below you, or simply allowing you to outlast the other predators on the ground.

Well, that’s everything you have to know about how vehicle combat has changed in Warzone 2.0. Be sure to check out some of our other great guides to Warzone 2.0 as well, such as “What is a Weapons Locker in Warzone 2.0?”.

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