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How to win Fortnite Arena Solo Games: End Game Tips and Strategies

How to win Fortnite Arena Solo Games

The last minutes of Arena Solo will essentially determine if you win your game or not. Regardless of the high kill streak that you had in the game and how well you did in the beginning, the end of Fortnite Arena Solo is going to determine your success as a player. 

However, do not underestimate the importance of the beginning of the match either. It is essential to get off to a good start in Arena Solo, especially considering how competitive it is. Yet, the end of the match will always determine the outcome of your success. Here are some tips and strategies for how to win Fortnite Arena solo games.

How to win Fortnite Arena Solo Games

Here are five tips and strategies beginners can incorporate into their gameplay to win more games in Fortnite Arena.

Default Landing Spots

At the beginning of the match, picking your landing spot is crucial. You should have two or three areas you know like the back of your hand and enjoy. An ideal landing spot is one that is usually uncontested. Dying early on is terrible because of the bus fare. 

Having Materials on Hand

Next, make sure you have the maximum amount of mats for as long as you can. In competitive Fortnite, you tend to run out of mats quickly. Having plenty of materials on hand is key to win Fortnite Arena solo games. Many players die in the last circle, from streamers to regular players, because they did not have enough materials to use in the end. Materials can make or break your game success.

Between using platforms to extend your base away from the storm to trapping enemies, any form of wood, iron, or brick will be beneficial. Always keep an eye on your inventory, and make it a practice to collect materials inside homes where you won’t be detected. Further, be a bit more conservative in your usage towards the end of games, since you never know when you will need it the most.

In the endgame, box up near an area where you can farm some materials if necessary. Boxing up near a house is ideal, but you can always box up near some trees or rocks, so you have mats to fall back on.

Making Less Noise

In the early stages of the game, it’s fine to smack down trees to collect your materials. But in the later stages, doing this will reveal your location to every player already in position. Skilled players see, hear, and notice most of what’s going on around them. 

Keep a low profile at the endgame. Winning a game is not necessarily about who has the most frags. Learning how to survive by keeping a low profile is a proven strategy you can use to win Fortnite Arena solo games and prevail in the end game.

Having a Shotgun

The last circle is typically very small and full of close-quarters combat. Having a shotgun will always be handy, so make it part of your loadout if it’s not already. 

Some players may prioritize other items over shotguns, but players with the highest win rate will always be using one. Even a low rarity shotgun is good enough to do work up close if your building skills are up to pat. 

Practice Makes Perfect

None of these tips mean anything if you don’t practice. Playing the game a lot is the best way to learn how to win in Fortnite Arena solo games. You can try implementing some of the tips and strategies above into your gameplay to become more successful. If you want to become great at the game, you need to put in the hours of practice.

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