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How to use the Barrel Disguise Emote in Sea of Thieves

How to use the Barrel Disguise Emote in Sea of Thieves
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In the admittedly few times in my life I’ve actually seen a barrel, they’ve almost always been used as a hiding place rather than as a means of storage. That’s what barrels are for, storing stuff, but they’re also large enough to conceal a crouching person. Makes you wonder if they were designed with that in mind. Well, you can mull that one over in a barrel yourself. Here’s how to use the Barrel Disguise emote in Sea of Thieves.

With the myriad of new bells and whistles added to Sea of Thieves in season 2, we’ve also received some entertaining new emotes to elicit a few chuckles while sailing the high seas. One of these new emotes, Barrel Disguise, is not only amusing, but potentially practical, at least in very specific circumstances. If you want to disguise yourself as a barrel, all you need to do is reach Renown Level 13 on your Plunder Pass, and you’ll get it for free, at which point it can be freely equipped to your emote wheel.

How to use the Barrel Disguise Emote in Sea of Thieves

Once you have the Barrel Disguise emote equipped, just select it from your emote wheel to use it. Your character will take a quick look around, then pull out a barrel and duck down underneath it, where they will remain until you decide to move. While you’re hiding, you will look, for all intents and purposes, like a completely ordinary barrel, which means it is theoretically possible to blend in around the piles of barrels that always just sort of crop up everywhere.

While the Barrel Disguise emote can’t fool NPC enemies since it’s just, y’know, an emote, it can be used to fool other players if you’re crafty enough. For example, if you manage to sneak your way onto an enemy player’s ship, you can use Barrel Disguise to conceal yourself among the barrels in storage on the bottom deck. However, this trick does have a flaw: barrels on a moving ship tend to sway and slide back and forth, while a player in a Barrel Disguise will always remain completely still. If you spot a suspiciously static barrel among your ship’s cargo, you may have been infiltrated. 

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