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How to Start The Legendary Search for Cursed Treasure in Sea of Thieves

Get your hands on some particularly nasty treasure.
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Sea of Thieves has a huge abundance of treasure for players to get their hands on and sell. Most of this treasure is benign and simple trinkets or chests. However, there are a few different goodies that are indeed cursed. The Legendary Search for Cursed Treasure voyage will have you purposefully going after these tricky treasure chests to bring home the bacon. Here’s how to start one.

How to start The Legendary Search for Cursed Treasure voyage in Sea of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves, there are many exclusive activities for certain players of certain rankings. For example, becoming a captain allows you your own ship and guild, and becoming a Pirate Legend has its own treasure trove of exclusive content. Advancing and becoming better and better is a large motivator for any pirate out on the seas. And The Legendary Search for Cursed Treasure voyage is another reason to advance.

The Legendary Search for Cursed Treasure voyage can be purchased from the Pirate Lord, who is only available to Pirate Legends in the Athena’s Fortune hideout. Pirate Legends can buy the voyage for 75 doubloons.

Also, captains can get their hands on The Legendary Search for Cursed Treasure voyage. Talk to any Shipwright and navigate to their quest menu. For 75 doubloons, this legendary quest can be yours for the taking.

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How to complete The Legendary Search for Cursed Treasure voyage in Sea of Thieves

These voyages will be multilayered and will have you unearthing and handling lots of cursed treasure, such as the Chest of Boundless Sorrow, the Chest of Rage and the Chest of a Thousand Grogs. Each chest comes with their own challenge, but are all highly valuable.

When starting your voyage, you’ll receive a compass that will point to the direction of the closest cursed chest. Keep sailing in that direction until you come across the correct island. When on land, keep following the compass until it spins uncontrollably. Dig in that spot to unearth the treasure.

Chests of Boundless Sorrow will intermittently cry, filling your ship with water. You’ll have to continuously bail the ship out.

Chests of a Thousand Grogs will render any pirate who is holding it violently drunk, making transportation very, very difficult.

Chests of Rage will swell up with fury and fire. You must douse it with flames before it explodes, sending you to the Ferry of the Damned, and your ship and treasure to the depths of the ocean.

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