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How to Use Quick Tickets in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is the latest mobile game for Nintendo. Seeing as how it’s a mobile game, it’s no surprise there are quite a few microtransactions (MTX) throughout the game. Fortunately, they didn’t seem to get too carried away with the in-app purchases.

One item you can earn in Mario Kart Tour without spending any money is Quick Tickets. These are earned simply by just playing the game, doing races, and completing challenges.

How to Use Quick Tickets in Mario Kart Tour

Unlike other ticket items in Mario Kart Tour, quick tickets are not used during the race. They are used prior to the races to unlock cups you haven’t unlocked yet. In Mario Kart Tour, to progress through the game you need to accumulate stars. Each cup requires a certain numbers of stars to be collected in order to unlock.

If you are stuck on a level and unable to advance to the next cup, it might be a good idea to break out a quick ticket so you don’t go crazy trying to get a perfect score. Quick tickets allow you to access cups that are still “under construction” before other players.

You can earn these tickets through simply playing the game and also from Tour Gifts. The latter is only accessible if you have the Golden Ticket, which is a subscription based add-on for the game. Without the Golden Ticket, you will only get the first two Tour Gifts and not the full four.

To use Quick Tickets in Mario Kart Tour, simply click on a cup you haven’t unlocked yet and you will see an option to use a Quick Ticket if you have any available.

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