How to Use Nightmare Amalgams in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Nightmare Amalgams are a unique kind of minion card in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. They are capable of having synergies with any type of minion, making them a very versatile card to purchase whenever possible.

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How to Use Nightmare Amalgams in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

There are two unique buffs you should aim to pickup for your Nightmare Amalgams. Toxfin and Annoy-o-Module will be an instant purchase to buff up your Amalgams. Toxfin gives the poisonous effect to a friendly Murloc, which will kill any unit hit by it. Annoy-o-Module will combine with your Amalgam and give it Divine Shield and Taunt.

It may be a better idea to pick up only 2 Nightmare Amalgrams, as having two minions with Divine Shield and Taunt will often be better than a single upgraded Amalgam. Keep in mind there may be some situations where upgrading will be the correct play.

Nightmare Amalgam is a powerful tier 2 minion, and some people may consider it to be the most overpowered in its tier considering it can be buffed by anything and has the highest base stats of all tier 2 minions.

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