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Hearthstone Demon Hunter

Hearthstone announced they will be introducing a new class into the game: Demon Hunter. For those not familiar with the game, Hearthstone classes are based on World of Warcraft. Each class or hero has its own set of cards and hero power.

The new hero, Illidan Stormrage, is a Demon Hunter that will be introduced into the upcoming Ashes of Outland expansion. The expansion campaign will tell the story of Illidan’s origins and allow players to unlock the Demon Hunter deck.

Similar to the Warlock class, Demon Hunters utilize Demons as their class-specific cards. The difference is that Warlocks tend to use smaller low cast creatures, whereas Demon Hunters will use powerful high-cost minions in their arsenal.

Illidan’s main hero power is Demon Claws, an ability that grants 1 attack for 1 mana. The Demon Hunter is shaping up to be a powerful aggressive class with this cheap 1-mana ability.

A new keyword called Outcast makes creatures more powerful when they are played from the farthest right or farthest left of the Demon Hunter’s hand of cards.

Demon Hunters have no card generation so they can easily be fatigued. They are also weak against card removal and have no hard removal abilities of their own. Clearing minions from opposing boards will require some face attacks.

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