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Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List (Heroes)

Hearthstone Battlegrounds is a brand new auto-battling mode within Hearthstone. It’s a new 8-player experience where you pick a hero and try and put together the most powerful board to defeat your enemies. Players are pit against each other in duels until one player reigns supreme.

There are a lot of heroes in this new game, so a good place to start might be learning each of the heroes and their special powers. Professional Hearthstone players have already put together their own tier lists, which can see below.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List

To determine the best heroes in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, we’re going to be using a list made by TidesofTime who is the current #1 ranked Hearthstone Battlegrounds player.

  • Best: A.F. Kay, Millificent Manastorm, The Curator
  • Very Good: The Rat King, Patchwerk, Nefarian
  • Good: The Lich King, King Mukla, Infinite Toki, Yogg-Saron, Dancin’ Deryl
  • Medium: Shudderwock, George The Fallen, Lich Baz’Hial, Bartendotron, Trade Prince Gallywix
  • Bad: Patches the Pirate, Pyramad, Queen Wagtoggle, Giantfin
  • Very Bad: Ragnaros, Professor Pesticide, Lord Jaraxxus, The Great Akazamzarak

Here’s another list from a top Hearthstone player named Savjz:

We can see that both players view A. F. Kay and The Curator as the top heroes. Overall both players place several heroes in the same tiers, so there is a bit of general consensus about which heroes are worth picking.

Keep in the mind the game has only been out for about a week, so there’s still a lot of testing to be done and constant changes being made to the game. These lists are subject to change at any time.

Full list of Hearthstone Battlegrounds Heroes

A. F. KayPassive Hero Power Skip your first two turns. Start with a minion from Tavern Tier 3 and 4.
BartendotronPassive Hero Power Reduce the Cost of Tavern Tiers by (1).
Brann BronzebeardPassive Hero Power After you play a Battlecry minion, give a random    friendly minion +1/+1.
Dancin’ DerylPassive Hero Power After you sell a minion, randomly give two minions in Bob’s Tavern +1/+1.
Elise StarseekerPassive Hero Power When you upgrade Bob’s Tavern get a ‘Recruitment Map’.
George the FallenHero Power Give a friendly minion Divine Shield.
Infinite TokiHero Power Refresh Bob’s Tavern. Add a minion from a higher Tavern Tier.
Lord JaraxxusHero Power Give your Demons +1/+1.
NefarianHero Power At the start of next combat, deal 1 damage to all enemy minions.
Patches the PirateHero Power At the start of next combat, deal 3 damage to two random enemy minions.
PatchwerkPassive Hero Power Start with 60 Health instead of 40.
Professor PutricideHero Power At the start of next combat, give your left-most minion +10 Attack.
PyramadHero Power Give a random friendly minion +2 Health.
Queen WagtoggleHero Power Give a random friendly Mech, Demon, Murloc and Beast +1 Health.
Ragnaros the FirelordHero Power At the start of next combat, deal 8 damage to two random enemy minions.
ShudderwockHero Power Your next Battlecry this turn triggers twice.
SindragosaPassive Hero Power At the end of your turn, Frozen minions get +1/+1.
Sir Finley MrrggltonHero Power Give a random friendly minion +1/+1. After you sell a minion, refresh this.
The CuratorPassive Hero Power Start the game with a 1/1 Amalgam that has all minion types.
The Great AkazamzarakHero Power Discover a Secret. Put it into the battlefield.
The Lich KingHero Power At the start of next combat, give your right-most minion Reborn.
The Rat KingPassive Hero Power Whenever you buy a Beast, give it +1/+2. Swaps type each turn.
Trade Prince GallywixHero Power Add a Gold Coin to your hand.
Yogg-Saron, Hope’s EndHero Power Hire a random minion in Bob’s Tavern and give it +1/+1.
GiantfinHero Power At the start of next combat, give your minions “Deathrattle: Summon a 1/1 Murloc.”

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