How to use Item Tickets in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour brings the classic Nintendo racing game to mobile gamers everywhere. Many popular features have returned from previous versions of Mario Kart like picking custom karts, gliders, and drivers. Overall, it is a more simplified and mobile friendly version of the game which has fans very excited.

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How to use Item Tickets in Mario Kart Tour

The game has introduced a bunch of new features and items into the game as well. Item tickets are one of the newly added items that can be used once per race. They will increase your chance of getting a good item from item boxes. If you are having a difficult time winning a particular course, it might be a good idea to use one of these so you get good items to increase your odds of a first place finish.

You will eventually unlock item tickets are you progress through Mario Kart Tour. They can also be acquired through the Gold Pass or by purchasing specific set bundles. At the beginning of a race you can tap an empty item slot at the top of your character to spawn a random item.

If you already have an item in there, get rid of it so you can use the item ticket. You can only use one item ticket per race. It is optional to use the item, but if you absolutely need to have an advantage it’s a good item to use.

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