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How to Use Bullet Bill in Mario Kart Tour

How to Use Bullet Bill in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour has released its new challenges for the week as the fun continues throughout the Tokyo Tour. One of the challenges asks players to use Bullet Bill, so we’re going to explain how that’s done.

How to Use Bullet Bill in Mario Kart Tour

Bullet Bill is a special item obtained from item boxes during the race, as you would obtain any other item. You don’t need to be a specific driver or use a specific kart or glider to get this item either.

The one tip to get this item is to hang back in around 7th or 8th place and then pick up an item box or use an item ticket. Being in or around last place will increase your odds of getting rare items like Lightning Bolts and Bullet Bills.

So feel free to drive yourself into the wall, hit the oil and water spills, smash into jars, and just be all around really bad at the game until you are in last place. Then you can hopefully roll a Bullet Bill from an item box, activate it, and speed down the course.

Bullet Bill makes you move faster and more accurately through the course while smashing everything in your path. So even though you might be in last place, a Bullet Bill can bring you straight to first.

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