How to Unlock the Hidden Aspects in Hades

When you’re battling out of the underworld against your godly father’s wishes, sometimes plain old ancient weaponry simply doesn’t cut it. Luckily, all of the weapons Zagreus can use in Hades contain a Hidden Aspect, reflecting mighty wielders from outside the Greek pantheon. Gaining access to these weapons can put a whole new spin on your numerous escape attempts, but there are a few hoops you’ll have to jump through if you want them. Here’s how to unlock the Hidden Aspects in Hades.

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How to Unlock the Hidden Aspects in Hades

To unlock the Hidden Aspects in Hades, follow these steps:

  • Unlock the Fated List of Minor Prophecies in Zagreus’ room
  • Beat the game and talk to Achilles back in the house
  • Get the Code Phrases for other weapons

Activating the Hidden Aspects

Before you can even begin unlocking the Aspects, you’re going to need to get to the end of the game at least once. You’ll also need the Fated List of Minor prophecies unlocked in Zagreus’ room, but if you’re already that far, you’ve more than likely gotten it already.

After you beat Hades and return to the House, go talk to Achilles; he’ll have a very particular message for you regarding your spear, Varatha. Once you have the code, go to your armory, equip the spear, then open its Aspect menu. Zagreus will speak the code phrase, revealing the Aspect of Guan Yu, which costs five Titan Blood to unlock. Once you’ve unlocked Guan Yu, you can start receiving code phrases for the other weapons, but there’s a couple of prerequisites.

Getting the Code Phrases

In order to unlock a Hidden Aspect, you’ll first need to have invested a cumulative five Titan Blood into the weapon in question. Blood spent to unlock Aspects doesn’t count; the Titan Blood needs to be used to upgrade Aspects you already have. Secondly, most of the code phrases will be given to you by the Olympians mid-run, but before they’ll give it to you, they’ll need to verbally acknowledge that you possess the weapon. 

For example, in order to unlock the Hidden Aspect for your gun, Exagryph, you’ll need to accept a boon from Zeus while holding it. Once he says something to the effect of “I see you’re holding Exagryph,” that’s the signal. Once you’ve got the acknowledgment and have invested the Blood, then you can start fishing for codes.

To get the codes for the Hidden Aspects, speak to these people:

  • Exagryph, the Aspect of Lucifer: Zeus
  • Aegis, the Aspect of Beowulf: Chaos
  • Coronacht, the Aspect of Rama: Artemis
  • Malphon, the Aspect of Gilgamesh: Asterius
  • Stygius, the Aspect of Arthur: Nyx (you don’t need acknowledgement for this one, she’ll just give it to you when you’ve invested the blood).

Each Hidden Aspect costs five Titan Blood to unlock, and you can tackle them in any order. Personally, I’d recommend going after the Aspect of Arthur first. That thing hits like a truck. Or a really big chariot, I suppose.

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