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How to Unlock the Final Fireworks and Greatest Jubilee Weapon in Vampire Survivors

That's a lot of fireworks!
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Upon the official release of Vampire Survivors with its new and epic Version 1.0 update, Luca Galante, developer of Vampire Survivors has added an official ending. This brand-new ending includes seeing the game’s final fireworks after beating the final boss, The Director. Want to know how to beat the boss and unlock the Greatest Jubilee weapon? Find out below.

How to Get to The Final Boss

Before attempting to unlock the Greatest Jubilee, you must have previously obtained all 13 Relics, these are:

  • Grim Grimoire
  • Ars Gouda
  • Milky Way Map
  • Magic Banger
  • Sorceress’ Tears
  • Glass Vizard
  • Mindbender
  • Yellow Sign
  • Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane
  • Great Gospel
  • Golden Egg

Including the new Relics as part of V1.0:

  • Gracia’s Mirror – Unlocks Inverse Mode
  • Seventh Trumpet – Unlocks Endless Mode

After you have obtained these Relics, return to Eudaimonia Machine (where you obtained the Gracia’s Mirror and Seventh Trumpet Relics) where you’ll find the once passive, even friendly Director will now battle you as the final boss of Vampire Survivors.

The Director Boss Fight Stages

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  • Phase 1 – Takes place in the original chamber, attack and dodge the floating orbs surrounding The Director
  • Move onto Phase 2 – You resume the fight in other stages seen previously in the game, clear the room of enemies whilst simultaneously focussing on destroying The Directors heads.
  • In Phase 3 – After all the heads are destroyed you will get bombarded by more orbs and enemies including floating skulls. The Director is much more aggressive in this phase compared to the previous. Continue to clear the room.
  • Once the room is cleared Phase 4 will begin- White Deaths are now after you and if they touch you, you will die. Survive and you will move onto the final phase after destroying The Director’s heads.
  • Phase 5 – In this phase Red Deaths are also after you. Keep dodging and moving whilst attacking The Director. Clear the room (everything but the White and Red Deaths) and slay the boss.

Once the boss is defeated, the final fireworks show will begin and the Greatest Jubilee weapon will now be unlocked. You are a Survivor.
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