How to Obtain Gracia’s Mirror and Unlock Inverse Mode in Vampire Survivors

Unlock Gracia's Mirror and try your luck in the new Inverse Mode
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Vampire Survivors is out with a huge update. Verson 1.0 is here and so are two new game modes – Inverse and Endless Mode. Obtain the two new Relics to unlock these modes. Are you ready to fight to the top? Find out how to unlock Gracia’s Mirror and in turn unlock Inverse Mode below!

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What is Gracia’s Mirror?

Gracia’s Mirror is a Vampire Survivors Relic. Similar to Stage Items, Relics randomly spawn in and need to be collected in order to permanently unlock new in-game features. The Relic list so far is as follows:

  • Grim Grimoire – Discovers weapon evolutions and unions
  • Ars Gouda – Unlocks the defeated enemies list
  • Milky Way Map – Unlocks pause map, shows stage item locations
  • Magic Banger – Change stage music
  • Sorceress’ Tears – Unlocks Hurry Mode
  • Glass Vizard – Merchant summoner for all stages
  • Mindbender – Change character appearance and weapon loadout
  • Yellow Sign – The hidden item detection of Siver/Gold Ring and Metaglio Left/Right
  • Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane – Secret menu allowing you to cast spells and unlock secret characters
  • Great Gospel – Unlocks Limit Break, level up weapons beyond their ability limits
  • Golden Egg – Increases a random stat by a small amount

New V1.0 Relics:

  • Gracia’s Mirror – Unlocks Inverse Mode
  • Seventh Trumpet – Unlocks Endless Mode

What is Inverse Mode?

Released in the latest Vampire Survivors V1.0 patch notes. Inverse Mode is one of the new game modes which changes the stage layout. The stage will appear upside down (this can be disabled in Options). This mode also includes minor visual changes.

This mode offers a Gold gains increase of 200% and a Luck bonus of 20%. Sounds great right? But every reward comes with a price. In this mode all enemies start with a +200% Max Health. Enemies also gain 5% Max Health every minute and a 1% movement speed increase every 2 minutes. Survive 10 minutes in this mode and the results could be massive. Do you have what it takes?

Gracia’s Mirror Location

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First of all, you need to have collected all previous relics (listed above) in order to locate Gracia’s Mirror and unlock Inverse Mode. Upon finding all 11 relics a secret stage called Eudaimonia Machine will become unlocked. Go to Eudaimonia Machine and speak to the entity. The entity will ask you “Hast thou struggled… or hast thou walked with ease?” and you will be given two options, ‘Too Easy’ and ‘Too Hard.’ In order to unlock Gracia’s Mirror, you must pick the ‘Too Easy’ option. After picking Too Easy you will be given the relic, by clicking on it you will be sent back to the main menu where Inverse Mode will now be unlocked.

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