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How to Unlock The Deora II in Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels

The Deora II is a beautiful ride, once you unlock it.
FH5:HW Deora II

The expansion for the ever-growing world of Forza, Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels, brings a sweeping new landscape of challenges to partake in, tracks to master, rewards to unlock, and cars to drive. Though, it would be too easy for Xbox to give you all 10 of the new cars available right out of the gate. Instead, players are tasked with playing the Hot Wheels Campaign to unlock these new life-sized toys. The second major car you’ll unlock during the campaign is the Deora II, and we can tell you how.

How to Unlock The Deora II in Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels

FH5: HW Deora II Water

The Hot Wheels expansion has a natural formula to it when it comes to progressing through the story and unlocking the 10 new cars within it. Each chapter of the campaign is cut into chunks called, Ranks. The first rank, rookie, sees players unlock the Baja Bone Shaker at its start. But in order to get into the second rank, pro, you’ll need to take that Baja Bone Shaker all over the Hot Wheels Park if you’re going to unlock the Deora II and its ranked tier of challenges.

Throughout the rookie rank, you’ll come across various different challenges that will award you Medals. You’ll be awarded Medals for all of the challenges across the map, with the main ones giving you the most at between 25-50 Medals a piece. There are 8 “Major Missions” that are going to be your best bet in getting Medals fast and in great quantity.

Though, don’t completely give up on the smaller challenges as these can help to edge you over your target if you’re falling short or having issues with the more difficult Major Missions. As long as you earn enough stars for these challenges, they’ll too help in your banking of medals overall as you earn between 2-5 upon completion. If you manage to get 3 stars or complete some of these challenges on harder difficulties, they’ll grant you an additional 5 medals on top of what they’ve already given you.

Once you’ve amassed a total of at least 175 Medals, you’ll then be able to waltz your way into the second ranking, and its new car, the Deora II. The introduction of this car is extremely exciting, with its qualifying track being a sort of waterpark slide. This is the most fun that the game throws at you so far, so enjoy it and its silliness. It’s a truly unique experience that you wouldn’t really see coming, especially from Hot Wheels.

That’s all you need to do in order to unlock the Deora II in Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels! Unlocking the car itself is easy, it’s the journey to get towards it which is more difficult than anything else. be sure to watch out for the how-to guide for the next Hot Wheels car to unlock!

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