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How to Get a Wrecking Ball Skill in FH5?

Smash into that fence!
Forza Horizon 5
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There’s just something about racing games that makes players want to play them. Whether you’re in it for the luxurious cars, the intense races amongst friends, or the dope skills you can learn along the way –there’s a bit of everything for everyone to enjoy. For players who are familiar with the mechanics of Forza Horizon, they will know how to utilize skills expertly. If you’re new to this racing game and want to learn how to perform the wrecking ball skill in Forza Horizon 5, here’s how you can do it.

What is the Wrecking Ball Skill in FH5?

The Wrecking Ball skill is a type of skill you can earn after completing various obstacles that require you to damage objects. You’re going to want to do this fast because the skill will not be completed unless you can destroy at least 6 objects simultaneously. This is the only way you can earn this skill, so if you’re great at wrecking your car, go for it.

If you’re not sure where to find objects you can break, do a bit of exploration. As you’re exploring the beautiful environment, you’ll notice trees, fences, an assortment of plants, etc. These objects are breakable, and picking up enough speed will cause you to break them down easily.

After you have knocked over a few objects, you will earn The Wrecking Ball skill. Keep in mind that you will also earn skills such as Landscaping (destroy fences) and Wreckage (destroy items) before you get The Wrecking Ball skill.

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What are Skills Used for in FH5?

Skills can help you complete different challenges as you’re playing Forza Horizon 5. Some challenges, such as The Forzathon Weekly Challenge, will require you to use The Wrecking Ball skill if you want to earn rewards. There are other skills available that you can earn while performing on the road, such as expertly being able to drift, perform an aerial jump with your car, or complete a race without doing heavy damage.

After you have gathered enough skill points from earning these feats, you can use your points towards car mastery perks. Think of a skill as performing stunts and landing them successfully. Once you have landed that stunt, you’ll be given points that can be used to upgrade your perks.

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