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How to Unlock the Dancer Class in Fire Emblem Engage

Character unit type exclusivity at its finest
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Fire Emblem Engage has seen some changes and updates on certain recurring elements of staple mechanics within the series. From its weapon triangle overhaul to this specific unit type example of the Dancer Class now being represented by a male character, Fire Emblem Engage has changed up some of its norms for a long-running series. Let’s discuss that point a bit further as we answer this particular question, but just prepare yourself to feel possibly disappointed by the answer.

How to Unlock the Dancer Class

Or rather, is it even possible? Upon meeting a certain character in chapter 15, that of the very first male designed Dancer that the series has ever seen with Seadall, the exclusivity of his unit type is as one can already expect. Much like the majority of previous entry instalments in the series with how the Dancer unit type is exclusive to one select character, the same goes for Fire Emblem Engage’s Seadall.

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Therefor, the answer is that there is no way to unlock the Dancer Class in Fire Emblem Engage. Players will have to commit to always deploying Seadall to make use out of this class’ unique abilities and helpful benefits. You can do this from chapter 15 when moving Alear up to him and recruiting him after clearing the enemies from the map. It’s well worth doing so to obtain the Dancer skill “Special Dance” that gives a unit who is the target of the move +3 in Dex/Spd/Lck+3 for 1 turn.

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