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How to Unlock More Cards in Back 4 Blood

Learn all the ways to unlock more cards in Back 4 Blood so you can get the most out of this multiplayer first-person shooter.
Image via Warner Bros/Turtle Rock

Video games sure have gone cuckoo for cards lately. Roguelikes in particular are stuffed to the gills with the things. It’s certainly a convenient way to give a player some agency over how the game works while still keeping things random overall. Back 4 Blood’s card system determines the characters you can play as, their general abilities, the appearance and effectiveness of certain kinds of items, and even the behaviors of some of the Ridden. If you want to get the most out of this game, you’re gonna wanna get all of the cards you can. Here’s how to unlock more cards in Back 4 Blood.

How to Unlock More Cards in Back 4 Blood

To unlock more cards in Back 4 Blood:

  1. Open white boxes with Copper
  2. Spend Supply Points on the Supply Lines
  3. Unlock certain Accomplishments
How to Unlock More Cards in Back 4 Blood
Image via Warner Bros/Turtle Rock

White Boxes

Back 4 Blood utilizes two different currency systems, Copper and Supply Points, both of which can be used to obtain more cards. Copper is obtained from simply playing the game; you can find stacks of it lying on the ground as you proceed through a run, and you’ll earn more from simply clearing the level, especially if the challenge is greater. Using Copper, you can open the white boxes you occasionally stumble onto throughout the levels. For coughing up a few hundred Copper, you’ll be rewarded with a card.

Supply Lines

The cards you get from the boxes, however, aren’t usually that interesting. The good stuff is unlocked through the Supply Lines, reward paths you can activate either in Fort Hope or from the game’s main menu. Activating Supply Lines will earn you more cards, as well as other neat junk like cosmetic items. To activate the Supply Lines, though, you need Supply Points, which are awarded from clearing campaigns. The higher the difficulty you clear on, the more SP you’ll get.


Finally, for you achievement hunters out there, you can earn a few special cards by unlocking “Accomplishments,” Back 4 Blood’s own in-game achievement system. Completing certain goals and milestones will unlock the Accomplishments, which in turn will reward you with specific cards. For example, unlocking the Jukebox Hero Accomplishment will reward you with the Lucky Penny card. You can check the Accomplishment list for each one’s requirements and rewards.

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