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How to Unlock Doc in Back 4 Blood

How to Unlock Doc in Back 4 Blood

In the depths of a zombie (or zombie-adjacent) apocalypse, you need all kinds of people to keep what’s left of society running smoothly. You need soldiers, scavengers, tacticians, laborers, and of course, doctors. After all, when anyone can turn at a moment’s notice, it’s important to have someone on hand to make a medically informed decision on whether to employ a band-aid or a bullet. Back 4 Blood’s Doc is one such medical expert, but before you can pull her away from her work to shoot stuff, you’re gonna have to put some work in. Here’s how to unlock Doc in Back 4 Blood.

When you first boot up Back 4 Blood, you only have access to half of the roster of Cleaners. At first, you can only use Evangelo, Walker, Holly, and Mom. The other four Cleaners, those being Doc, Hoffman, Jim, and Karlee, are all locked. The good news is that unlocking Doc and company isn’t that difficult, and in fact, you’ll more than likely make it happen just by playing the game normally. 

How to Unlock Doc in Back 4 Blood

To unlock Doc in Back 4 Blood, follow these steps:

  1. Play through the first level of Act 1, The Devil’s Return
  2. When you clear the fourth section, The Crossing, Doc and the rest of the roster will be unlocked
  3. You have to clear the level while playing online; Solo Campaign does not count

All you have to do to unlock the other four Cleaners on the roster is complete the first level of Act 1. This first level, collectively titled The Devil’s Return, includes four sections: Resurgence, Tunnel of Blood, Pain Train, and The Crossing. Once you’ve finished The Crossing, the remaining Cleaners, including Doc, will all be unlocked and available to use.

However, there is a caveat you should be aware of. You’ll only unlock the other Cleaners if you complete The Devil’s Return with other players playing online. Playing through Solo Campaign mode with bots will not trigger the accomplishment that unlocks the Cleaners. If you went through that whole first level solo and didn’t unlock anything, that’s the reason why.

On the upside, though, if you did do that whole first level on your own, you don’t have to do the whole thing again with other players. Just launch a campaign lobby for the last section, The Crossing, and beat it with a few randos online to earn the Accomplishment and unlock the rest of the roster.

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