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How to unlock Kali Sticks in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

How to unlock Kali Sticks in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 4 brings a brand new melee weapon into the mix. The new Kali Sticks are melee weapons players can unlock in both multiplayer and Warzone. These sticks are lethal, and they are a fun melee weapon to use for some beatdowns. 

Unlocking these unique weapons gives you access to two sticks that you can use to beat down enemies. You dual wield them, and they give you a movement speed boost. Compared to the knife, they are a much faster melee weapon. In his guide, we will show you how to unlock Kali Sticks melee weapon in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. 

What are Kali Sticks?

In Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4, you can head to battle while dual-wielding some Kali Sticks. This new melee weapon provides a unique movement speed buff and fast melee attacks. With the knife, you need to wait a while if you miss an attack. That’s not the case with these, as you can continuously attack while in melee range.

How to unlock Kali Sticks

You are not going to find the Kali Sticks in the Season 4 Battle Pass like the CR-56 AMAX and the Fennec. Instead, these require players to defeat a challenge. To unlock Kali Sticks, you need to get three melee kills while sliding in 15 different matches.

Don’t be surprised if you notice a few people sliding at you with their knife out. They are just trying to unlock these sweet new weapons. It’s best to try and get four or five sliding knife kills in each match because bad timing may result in a few kills not getting counted.

There are some class setups you can use to make this challenge easier. For perks, go with Double Time, Restock, and Tracker. Double Time gives you faster and longer sprints, while Tracker allows you to see enemies so you can sneak behind them. 

Pick up a Claymore for your Lethal and a Stun Grenade for your Tactical slot. If you can get the Stun Grenade off on someone, it’s a guaranteed knife kill. 

The easiest game mode to unlock Kali Sticks in Modern Warfare is Trench Mosh Pit. This map is the smallest one in the game right now, with only two lanes. Opportunities are everywhere for sliding knife kills on this mode. You will die a lot trying to get your knife kills every game, but it will pay off once you unlock the Kali Sticks.

You can try and lobby search for Team Deathmatch games, as those are usually the easiest for completing this challenge. The kill limit is also high enough that you can manage to get three of them without the game ending too quickly. After you are positive you have the right amount of kills, try to win the match as soon as possible. 

After unlocking these, go to your loadouts and head into the secondary weapon select. Choose melee weapons, and you will see the new Kali Sticks option available.

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