How to Unlock Hip Lantern in Palworld?

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Exploring Galapagos Island will require you to be well-equipped and ready for all kinds of surprises. One of the main things that every explorer needs to have is definitely the Hip Lamp.

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You might ask why a Hip Lamp is so necessary. Well, it only allows you to see during the night and not be worried about some wild Pals sneaking up on you. Your character will get a certain glow around it and won’t be afraid of the dark anymore!

Let’s get into how to unlock this Hip Lantern in Palworld and dive into its other characteristics.

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How to Make Hip Lantern in Palworld

Here is a quick breakdown of how to get your Hip Lantern in no time in Palworld:

  • Get level 22
  • Acquire 2 Technology points by killing bosses to unlock Hip Lantern from the Ancient Technology tree
  • Get 20 Ingots, 10 Wood, 10 Flame Organ, and 10 Ancient Civilization Parts
  • Go to your Workbench and craft it

Once you craft the Hip Lantern, it’s automatically equipped in your inventory as a Key Item and attached to your hip. The item is really more than useful when exploring the world during the night since it really gives you a clear vision of at least 50-100 feet around you.

Can You Drop Hip Lantern in Palworld

Unfortunately, you can’t drop a Hip Lantern as it’s among your Key Items and can’t be removed. Some players reported that this was quite annoying due to lamps’ influence on the lighting around the character during the day.

Locking a Hip Lamp like this isn’t actually the best thing in the world since free equipping and unequipping of items is one of the core things I and I believe many players, like to see in open-world games. Forcing us to have something equipped that we don’t like is a big minus. Hopefully, the developers will fix this issue in future updates.

We hope you liked our article! Palworld is an amazing game that offers a ton of opportunities. Check out our articles on How to Craft Single Shot Rifle in Palworld and How to Get and Use Small Feed Bag in Palworld and learn more about this one-of-a-kind game.

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