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How To Unlock Gear 5 Luffy in Anime Lost Simulator

Gomu Gomu no... Gear Fifth!
how to unlock luffy gear 5 roblox anime lost simulator
Image via Grupo X Studio

It’s no surprise that Luffy has awakened yet another Gear form in the popular Anime and Manga One Piece. And while we can’t try to emulate it like his other forms, we can unlock it in the Roblox game Anime Lost Simulator. Luffy is arguably one of the strongest Pirates of the worst generation and will continue to grow. Because of this, it’s no wonder everyone wants to pull him as a fighter, to dominate and destroy all your opponents. Who wouldn’t want a Pet like that in their arsenal? So, follow this guide to find out how to unlock Luffy Gear 5 in Anime Lost Simulator.

Roblox Anime Lost Simulator – How to unlock Luffy Gear 5

Image via Gamer Journalist / Grupo X Studio

By using Pets in Roblox Anime Lost Simulator, you can easily win battles and raids. These Pets can either look super cool as they follow you or provide that extra punch you need in a battle. Before we begin, the Gear 5 form is a Pet called the Toon Pirate. The Toon Pirate is a secret Pet released in Update 1 of Anime Lost Simulator.

How to equip your Gear 5

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To unlock the Gear 5 Pet, go to the Pirate Sea and head over to Special Pets, where you can pull for the Toon Pirate with Gems; just remember you have a 0,002% of pulling him. Once you unlock your Gear 5 Pet in Roblox Anime lost Simulator, go to your Pet Menu on the left side of your Screen. After that, click on the Toon Pirate, and you will see a green tick mark. Now, you will notice four Tabs above your Pets; select the green Medal Tab to equip your new fighter.

With that, we conclude our guide on how to unlock Luffy Gear 5 in Roblox Anime lost Simulator. You might also be interested in this guide, How to Get Secret Pets in Anime Lost Simulator. To stay on top of all our content, you can follow Gamer Journalist on our Facebook page.

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