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How to Get Secret Swords in Roblox Anime Lost Simulator

Uncover these hidden weapons!

Anime Lost Simulator is an RPG action game on Roblox, and has recently been gaining attention due to its fast-paced combat and great boss fights. Similar to other anime PvP games on Roblox, players are able to travel the world of Anime Lost Simulator and explore all sorts of different places, while they encounter various dangers ranging from natural phenomenon to harden monsters looking for blood. You can learn different abilities and unlock new swords that can be used to boost your skill in combat, with the goal of becoming the greatest warrior in all of Anime Lost Simulator always on the top of your mind. In this guide we will cover how to get secret swords in Roblox Anime Lost Simulator!

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How Do You Get Secret Swords in Roblox Anime Lost Simulator?

Unlocking rare and powerful items always has to have some sort of difficult obstacle in front of it to prevent players from receiving OP items without earning them first. Therefore, in order to get these mysterious weapons in the game, there are a couple of things that you will have to do first. When you swing your sword in the game, you will gain Power which will help with your progression throughout your character’s journey.

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One of the ways that you can get secret swords in Roblox Anime Lost Simulator is by taking down the many bosses that roam the world of this game. God Ninja is one of those bosses, and can be a fairly easy target to farm since he is such a large target. Some of the raid bosses in Demon World can also be taken on if you would like to get secret swords, however you’ll have to be strong to defeat these raid bosses.

Which Skills Should You Use in Boss Fights?

Skills such as the Shuriken epic and the legendary Dragon are both useful for helping out in these fights, since they boost your damage in battle and can deal devastating blows of their own to the bosses that you decide to take on. However, the legendary Dragon skill does require a lot of natural skill (how well you can play the game) so it may be hard to use if you are a novice player still learning the ropes of the game!

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