GTA Online Benefactor SM722
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How to Unlock Benefactor SM722 in GTA Online

The Benefactor SM722 is now available in GTA Online.

GTA Online’s most recent update brought with it many features such as the ability to sell in private lobbies, new weapons, and new vehicles. Each GTA update brings with it drip-feed content. This is content developed by Rockstar for the game that is slowly released over a period of time in order to keep players from losing interest in the game. Many players dislike this practice as they just want the content to be available as soon as the new update is released. One of the most recent pieces of drip-feed content to be released is the Benefactor SM722. We here at Gamer Journalist will show you how to unlock it.

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Where to Purchase the Benefactor SM722

You’ll be able to find the Benefactor SM722 on the Legendary Motorsport website within GTA Online. To access the website, open your phone by pressing up on the D-Pad. Next, navigate to the Travel and Transport section. Here you’ll find the Legendary Motorsport website. Scroll until you find the Benefactor SM722. The car costs $2,115,000. Once it is purchased, you’ll only have to wait a few minutes for it to show up in your garage of choice.

Other Vehicles Coming Soon to GTA Online

As mentioned earlier, the Benefactor SM722 is a part of the drip-feed content in GTA Online. Now that it has been released, more vehicles are still expected to follow. The following vehicles have not been released at this present time.

  • Draugur: $1,870,000 ($1,402,500 at Trade Price)
  • Ruiner ZZ-8: $1,320,000
  • Vigero ZX: $1,947,000
  • Kanjo SJ: $1,370,000 ($1,027,500 at Trade Price)
  • Postlude: $1,310,000 ($982,500 at Trade Price)
  • Rhinehart: $1,598,000
  • Brioso 300 Widebody: $585,000
  • Sentinel Classic Widebody: $700,000
  • Weevil Custom: $980,000
  • 10F Widebody: $575,000

All of this drip-feed content will eventually be released for GTA Online within the next month or so.

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