GTA Online Criminal Enterprises Update

How to Sell Items in Private Lobbies in GTA Online

Learn how to make cash with no risk in GTA Online.

Ever since 2016, GTA Online players have been able to buy or steal goods and sell them for money. These goods include items such as guns, cars, and drugs. Unfortunately, this was always difficult to do as players could only sell in public lobbies. To make things even worse, the game would tell other players when a person or group was selling something so that they could potentially steal it from them. This led to a lot of harassment and griefing in-game as players would just destroy other players’ goods. Thanks to the new Criminal Enterprises update, players can now avoid this issue by selling in private lobbies. Here is how to do so.

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How to Start a Private Lobby

Starting a private lobby is very easy. Just pause the game and head on over to the online tab. Under find a new session, select Invite-Only session. Invite-Only sessions restrict access to people who are invited by you personally. You won’t have to worry about being shot in the head while you buy that new hoodie at Binco unless your friends are jerks.

How to Sell in a Private Lobby

GTA Online Sell Business
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To sell in a GTA Online private lobby, you’ll need to register as either a CEO or start a motorcycle club (MC). This can be done from the interaction by selecting SecuroServ or Motorcycle Club. The next step is determining what you want to sell. For example, If you’re selling cocaine, you’ll have to first head to your drug lab. If you’re selling a vehicle, you’ll need to go visit your vehicle warehouse. While at your chosen business location, access the computer there and select the sell option.

You should know that while selling in a private lobby is convenient, it also makes you less money in GTA Online. There’s a bonus for selling a public lobby with players as it’s a higher-risk situation. Invite-Only lobbies remove this bonus completely.

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