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How to Unlock Artifact Pieces in Apex Legends

How to Unlock Artifact Pieces in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 5 Fortune’s Favor introduces a new Legend named Loba. A season long mission was also added to the game, where players need to find nine artifact pieces throughout the season. There are nine different ones to collect, and they will be spread out throughout the entire season. Here’s how to unlock artifact pieces in Apex Legends.

How to Unlock Artifact Pieces in Apex Legends

In order to unlock all nine artifact pieces in Apex Legends, you will need to find something called Treasure Packs. These can be located in crates from anywhere on the map. There is no exact way to find them, but if you come across one you can certainly ping it for your teammates to get.

Players can find one Treasure Pack each day containing a different reward. A 24-hour period must pass between opening Treasure Packs or you will not see another one. After unlocking five Treasure Packs for The Broken Quest, you get a single artifact piece.

Artifact Pieces track how close you are to completing the mission and obtaining the Broken Ghost. A new story will open up every single week for The Broken Quest, which will have a new requirement for the amount of Treasure Packs you need to find. We have a breakdown of the weekly requirements here:

11 Treasure Pack
24 Treasure Packs
39 Treasure Packs
414 Treasure Packs
519 Treasure Packs
624 Treasure Packs
729 Treasure Packs
834 Treasure Packs
939 Treasure Packs
1044 Treasure Packs

Every week, players unlock a new Hunt in Apex Legends. This is done after completing each of the Treasure Pack requirements. Rewards for completing The Broken Quest include new weapon charms pieces of the artifact and the next storyline for The Broken Ghost.

Every week you should make sure to try and find the required amount of Treasure Packs so you can unlock a new piece of the artifact and continue on with the season-long quest. Every week on Tuesday at noon EST. a mew Artifact piece will drop.

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