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How To Unlock All Of The Endings In Triangle Strategy

Where will your convictions lead you?
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Triangle Strategy’s setting is all about balancing what matters most to you in wartime. After all, there’s no such thing as an objective victory in war; to succeed in one area means to fail in another. Where you place your priorities determines how the game’s story will ultimately unfold… mostly. Here’s how to unlock all of the endings in Triangle Strategy.

How To Unlock All Of The Endings In Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy features three normal endings, as well as a hidden true ending, which we’ll get to in a moment. Starting with the normal endings, the ending that you get is determined by the direction of your conviction for your playthrough. Your conviction is the sum of your wartime decisions, and whether they lead you toward prioritizing Morality, Liberty, or Utility.

Each of these endings requires you to have a particular facet of conviction higher than the other two, which can be accomplished both in and out of battle. The most obvious means of raising a stat is by making story decisions aligned with it, followed by upgrading the characters with obvious leanings, but there are a few additional tricks you can use here and there.

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For the Morality ending, you need to not only prioritize the safety and well-being of your own soldiers but your opponents as well. Participate in mock battles, talk to lots of NPCs, empower your allies in a fight, and try to win battles without killing every enemy unit.

For the Liberty ending, you need to bolster your own forces and those allied to you and strive for overwhelming victory. Deploy units that aren’t required in battle, fight opponents weaker than you, spend lots of money at shops, use lots of items, and regularly heal your soldiers.

For the Utility ending, you need to pick the optimal moves both on and off the battlefield. Collect lots of items and spoils, raise a lot of money, weaken enemies and eradicate armies, even if you don’t need to, and use quietuses.

The Truth of the Matter

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Image via Square Enix

Your leading conviction will determine which of the three normal endings you get. However, if you’re striving for the true ending, then the good news: your convictions don’t actually matter. Or, at least, they don’t matter as far as the ending is concerned; your convictions do affect the units you can recruit.

Anyway, to get the true ending in Triangle Strategy, you need to make a series of highly-specific decisions at six critical junctures in the game’s story. Nothing else matters, just that you pick the right dialogue options when prompted.

The correct decisions for the true ending are as follows:

  • Chapter 7: Protect Roland
  • Chapter 9: Transport the illegal salt
  • Chapter 10a: Reveal Roland’s identity
  • Chapter 11: Defend Roselle
  • Chapter 15: Return to Wolffort
  • Chapter 17: Find another way

The decision in Chapter 17 will only appear if you made the correct decisions at the other five junctures, so if you see it, you’re officially golden. Your other decisions and convictions are immaterial; just play the game however is easiest for you to get on the true ending path.

Triangle Strategy is a pretty long game, so take a moment to consider which ending you want to get before you commit to one. Chances are good you’re going to be in it for the long haul.

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