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How to Unlock All Characters in Idol Showdown

Learn how to get your hands on different characters and outfits.
Idol Showdown How to Unlock all characters
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Idol Showdown is a hololive fighting game that grabbed the attention of many players upon its release as it helps everyone relive their SEGA nostalgia moments. Duel fighting Mortal Kombat-style really brings out the skills of each player and is a type of game where luck is a minimal factor.

While exploring this new game, players wondered how they can unlock all characters and character color schemes as they wanted to experience this game to its full potential. In our article, we are going to dive into that issue and help you better understand how to reach this locked Idol Showdown content.

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Unlocking Characters and Colors in Idol Showdown

There are certain locked characters in Idol Showdown at this moment, but it seems that the developers will unlock them in future updates. They hinted at it at the end of their official trailer which you can see on Twitter.

However, when it comes to different colors for your character, those can be unlocked by completing in-game tasks. If you want color 4, you would need to beat Virtual Frontier, to get color 5 you need to play online matches with your character (not more than 100), and in order to unlock color 6 you need to beat Arcade.

Keep in mind that you will get these colors for the characters that have reached the above-described milestone, for example, the character that you use to complete Virtual Frontier will get color 4 and none other.

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