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Street Fighter: Duel Awakening Guide

You'll be able to create a monster capable of rivaling M. Bison: an SSS-tier Dan
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If there’s one thing that Street Fighter: Duel has in common with its main-line video games, it’s that winning is everything. Your job is to increase your characters power and raise their levels as much as you can. This is done through a variety of currency and materials, as well as using the Awakening system. This system is integral for raising a characters stats, but can be tricky to learn, and even trickier to master. Let’s draw some new fighters, and take a look at our Street Fighter: Duel Awakening guide.

Street Fighter: Duel Awakening Guide

Artwork of several Street Fighter Duel Characters posing
Image via Capcom and Crunchyroll Games

When getting ready to awaken a fighter, you’ll want to make sure you are not wasting resources. When you awaken a fighter, not only do their stats get raised, but their overall grade does as well. If you have a B-grade Dan and awaken him, he will now be at a B+. Thankfully, if you decide to sacrifice a fighter that you’ve already upgraded, those materials and currency you used to upgrade that fighter will be refunded.

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What’s more, is that any equipment you had equipped will be automatically removed. This can be very useful when awakening multiple characters at a time. But how exactly can you awaken characters and what’s the point of it?

Street Fighter Duel: How to Awaken

How to clear Frozen Cave in Street Fighter Duel characters
Image via Crunchyroll Games/Capcom

First, you need to know where to go in order to start awakening characters. There are actually two separate ways to get to the awakening menu. If you know which fighter you want to awaken, you can head over to your fighter list, select the character, and select the “awaken” option on the right side of the screen. Alternatively from the main menu you can select the “training” option on the bottom side of the screen. You should see “awaken” from there.

If you ever need a refresher on how awakening works, the game offers an awakening preview button in the bottom left of the awakening menu. Keep in mind that you can only awaken characters with a B grade or higher. It should be noted as well that you cannot awaken a Legendary fighter, since it is already at it’s maximum grade.

For B grade fighters, you will need 3 total versions of the same character in order to awaken them to a B+ grade. When it comes to upgrading further from a B+ to an A, you’ll just need 2 other B+ fighters, regardless of who they are. This can be extremely helpful when awakening characters that have great abilities but start out at a lower grade tier.

Street Fighter Duel: Awakening Guide Tips

Now that you understand the basics of awakening, let’s talk about a few things to help maximize awakenings. As stated above, stats aren’t the only things that matter when choosing which characters to use and awaken. Certain abilities or team compositions can provide fantastic results, so if you have an A-tier character or higher, you’ll want to avoid using duplicates of them as awakening materials. Keeping these duplicates can help raise a characters grade that might be useful in the future. And thanks to how you obtain characters in Street Fighter: Duel, making sure you have duplicates of certain characters is tantamount to building a great end-game team.

However if you don’t want to think too hard about awakening and certain things, the game has you covered. Make sure you are utilizing the “Smart Awaken” system in the awakening menu. This system automatically awakens all viable B+ and A+ grade fighters. With the added ability to select which characters get awakened, this system can be very useful when you get further into the game.

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