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Street Fighter Duel Best Teams

Your wallet vs, Street Fighter Duel!
Artwork of several Street Fighter Duel Characters posing
Image via Capcom and Crunchyroll Games

Street Fighter: Duel is turning the franchise on its head, going from competitive fighter to mobile gacha. This time Ryu is forming a team, so who is the best of the best? It isn’t purely a gacha team-building game but also an idle RPG akin to AFK Arena. A lot of the time when you are gaining exp or materials to level up will be done when you aren’t playing the game. So that means when you’re gone you’ll need the best team to defend and fight for you.

Best Teams


This is the strongest element and the rarest. This element only has two characters in its pool, Juri and M. Bison. No matter what the favors are stacked against you with trying to get one of these characters but if and when you do, they should be put on any team just due to their strengths.

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Chun-Li, Guile and Cammy are the standouts here. Overall the element is weak but if you need a strong Wind team to use in any of the missions, go with the three we mentioned prior. No discernible standouts besides them.


Decapre and Dhalism are the stand-outs here. Dhalism excels at spitting out tons of AOE damage. Decapre is a great assist or main point character due to her super-targeting characters with the lowest health, even ones at the far back.


My personal favorite element. Poison, Mad Ryu, Elena and Makoto are the stand-outs here. If we’re being honest I think this may be the strongest team overall in the game right now. Poison deals a ton of AoE damage, Mad Ryu is a single target killer, Makoto is a tank with an AOE blast and Elena heals and buffs everyone in the group every super that is executed.


The master element is a bit weird at the moment with only two characters. Rose and Gen. What makes this element unique is they can blend in and become any element that they’re an assistant to or within the team build. It doesn’t make much sense to use these characters when you get them for now.

Now, at the end of the day this list doesn’t really matter. What is important in Street Fighter: Duel is the power number you have. If your number is bigger than the opponents, you’re going to win. Now, this doesn’t apply to PvP but for the most part, if you are bigger than your opponent it’s going to be an easy win.

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