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How to Trash Talk Opponents in BitLife

How to Trash Talk Opponents in BitLife

When you’re in a highly competitive environment, be it in BitLife or real-life, a little trash talk is always commonplace. The problem with trash-talking your opponents in BitLife is that the option can be hard to come by, which most likely led you to this guide. We’ll explain how you can get this option and what to do if one of the challenge requirements asks you to do this objective. Let’s dive into how to trash talk in BitLife.

How to Trash Talk Opponents in BitLife

To trash talk opponents in BitLife, you will need to become a pro athlete first. When you are in a professional sports organization, the option to talk trash to your opponents can randomly pop up when you click the age button. For example, if you are on a professional basketball team, there’s a chance one of your opponents can insult your performance during a game. You will have the opportunity to retaliate with an insult of your own. Additionally, you can also attack them, ignore them, or flaunt them.

The option to talk trash is a random prompt that can pop up in between seasons. Usually, when you are at the brink of greatness and fame, a lot of the competition will take the opportunity to call you a name or throw insults at you to bring you off your game. There is no guaranteed way to talk trash to opponents in BitLife, but it tends to happen.

While talking trash in professional sports is somewhat expected to a certain extent, it can have some costly consequences. There is a possibility that if you talk trash to your opponents in BitLife, one of them may attack you and cause you an injury. Having an injury can lead to prolonged off-time, which will bring down your fitness levels, fame, and greatness for a short period.

That said, specific BitLife challenges like the Mamba Challenge may require you to trash talk opponents. So, now you know how to go about it and you should have no problem finding the option when it presents itself.

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