How to Take a Snapshot in Pokemon GO
Image via Niantic

It’s always fun to imagine what life would be like if Pokemon were real; where they would make their habitats, how they would spend their time, and how they’d react to us. Through Pokemon GO, we can get a rough approximation of that fantasy thanks to the game’s AR camera function. Here’s how to take a snapshot in Pokemon GO.

If you want to take a picture of a Pokemon in your backyard, room, near your dog, or whatever else, you can use Pokemon GO’s AR camera functionality to overlap them on your phone’s camera. It’s fun and easy to get that perfect photo.

How to Take a Snapshot in Pokemon GO

To take a snapshot, tap the PokeBall icon in Pokemon GO to bring up the menu. Bring up the Pokemon menu to see all of the Pokemon you currently have on you. Yes, if you want to do this, it’ll have to be with a Pokemon you’ve personally caught. 

Select your most photogenic Pokemon, then tap the little camera icon in the top right of the screen. Find a nice, flat surface for your Pokemon to stand on. You can technically put them anywhere, but the picture may look a little inauthentic if they’re standing on an uneven surface. When you’ve got your ideal setting, tap the screen to throw your PokeBall, and your Pokemon will appear! 

How to Take a Snapshot in Pokemon GO

You can move around your Pokemon to get an ideal angle, or swipe down on the screen to make them face you. You can also tap on them to make them do a little action pose. When you’ve got them just right, tap the camera button to take a picture. You can take as many pictures as you want, and if you want to snap a different Pokemon, tap the PokeBall icon on the bottom of the screen to fetch them.

Keep an eye out while taking pictures; if you take a lot of them, one of them might get photobombed by a Smeargle! If Smeargle appears in a photo, it’ll immediately appear in the wild nearby, where you can catch it normally.