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How to Start the Frontier Clash in Tower of Fantasy

It's best to play the Frontier Clash challenge with friends.
Tower of Fantasy
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Tower of Fantasy presents players with various quests and side missions apart from the main storyline. While you can start some missions by exploring the maps, there are lots of quests listed under the Adventure tab.

The Frontier Clash challenge is one of the popular quests in the game and offers wonderful rewards. Let’s have a look at how you can start this challenge in the game.

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How to Start the Frontier Clash in Tower of Fantasy

The Frontier Clash challenge is located on the HT201 Shelter. It’s on the righthand side of Astra. The Frontier Clash portal is near the shore, making it extremely easy to spot. You can go to the portal and enter the challenge.

There is another way to enter the challenge. You can click on the Adventure tab on the top righthand side of your screen and go to the Challenges category. You will notice Frontier Clash listed, click on it and press the “Go” button.

The Frontier Clash challenge is available to play all day and you will get additional attempts (maximum 3) on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Players can join with other members or their friends in the game. However, players who are Level 33 or above are not eligible to play this event in Tower of Fantasy.

Once the challenge starts, you will have eight minutes to end it. There are 15 consecutive waves of enemies who will try everything to stop you. It’s best to coordinate with your teammates and win the challenge to get your hands on rare equipment and gear.

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