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How to Solo Cooperative Challenge Weight Tower of Fantasy

When you don't have friends.
Tower of Fantasy
Image via Perfect World

Tower of Fantasy features many challenges and quests in the game. While you can complete some challenges on your own, the developers have designed a few of them as a co-op mission. However, with some experience, you can complete co-op challenges on your own. So if you are a loner or don’t have friends who like playing Tower of Fantasy, this guide may be for you.

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How to Solo Cooperative Challenge Weight Tower of Fantasy

The Cooperative Challenge Weight is tricky to complete on your own, but it’s not impossible. To find this challenge head over to northwest of “Mt. Woochu” mark on the map. You will notice a light colored lane running along the whole map.

Right near the lane, there is a potato opposite to a waterfall. You need to pick up the potato and walk towards a levitating structure right in front of you. Once you reach the structure, you will pressure plates near it. There are two pressure plates for two characters in Tower of Fantasy. However, we are completing this challenge solo. So there’s a clever trick to it. Keep the potato you picked up in your hand and aim to throw it on one of the pressure plates. The potato will land and explode on the pressure plate, now quickly go to the other pressure plate and stand on it.

After you are successful in doing this, you will need to interact with the structure and co-op password chest. Decipher the chest and get glorious rewards.

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