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How to Find The Four Powers in Tower of Fantasy

Find the Four Powers easily.
Falcon in Tower of Fantasy
Image via IGDB/ Perfect World

The Four Powers are four distinct enemies in Tower of Fantasy. Unlike the common opponents in the game’s day-to-day battles, the Four Powers have a name and are tricky to take down. However, it’s worth defeating them because the game offers huge rewards and XP. In this guide, we will help you locate these boss enemies.

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How to find The Four Powers in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy
Image via Perfect World

The Four Powers are four enemies scattered around the whole map in Tower of Fantasy. While it’s challenging to find them, we have already done the difficult bit for you. We will provide name-wise location pointers in this guide.


We can find Okka towards the west of Navia Bay and southeast of “Raincaller Island” name on the map. Okka has a fat mech suit which shields it from massive damage. It usually uses heavy and slow melee attacks so attacking from a distance is your best bet.


Sendyrs is towards the southeastern side of the Cetus Island circle and to the north of “Navia Bay” name mark on the map in Tower of Fantasy. She is easy to beat as long as you focus on her instead of the mob guarding her. You can beat the mob later, but it’s best to finish her first.


Smoli is in the Cetus Island circle. She is right on the edge of the inner circle on the southwest side. Smoli has two ferocious dogs guarding her, but it’s important to target her during the fight. She can call the dogs again if you defeat them, so focusing on her will end the fight sooner.


Travelling further on the Cetus Island circle, you will meet Hethlu in Tower of Fantasy. It is on the northwest side of the outer circle. Hethlu is similar to Okka and wears an armored suit. Again, it’s best to attack from long range to beat it.

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