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How to Romance Ulbrig in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

There are a lot of exciting romances waiting for you in Pathfinder.
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While playing Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous RPG and saving the realm from demons you will have story paths that aren’t necessarily connected to the main story that you can explore. One such path is creating romances with your companions.

Ulbrig is one of the companions you can get in a romantic relationship with and this Swedish Shifter warrior is an interesting companion and partner throughout the whole game. Read on to find out how to romance Ulbrig in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

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Creating a Romance with Ulbrig in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Your romance with Ulbrig starts when he mourns the dead at the war camp in Chapter 2. Be understanding and sympathetic in your replies to him in order to help him open up and like you.

Not long after, in Chapter 3 you will visit the Garden of the Gods with Ulbrig. Ask him all the questions about the place and how you got there and then ask him to sit with you. Ulbrig will accept, and then make a toast to the dead. This will encourage him to confess to you how he actually feels about you.

All you have to do in this scene is encourage him to open up. He will start by reminiscing one of your previous personal moments and will hesitate a lot when talking. Choose dialogue options that encourage him to talk and are generally open. After a bit of dialogue, Ulbrig confesses he is in love with you.

Keeping the Romance with Ulbrig Alive

Even though you started a relationship with Ulbrig, you will have a lot more dialogue with him in the game that will reflect upon your romance. The first important instance will be when he talks about doubting both you and your command.

The first chance you get to reply to him, say that you need him. After that he will ask you how are you planning on continuing this crusade and in this situation, you need to take a firm attitude and choose the answer that says that your army is built on trust and that whoever wishes to leave it can do so at any point in time. Ulbrig will back down from his accusatory attitude and apologize.

Later on, in the game, you will have an intimate scene with Ulbrig when you visit the Griffons and again in the Garden of the Gods. Since you are far into your relationship now, there practically aren’t any wrong answers you can give to him and all of the dialogue options will put you in a favorable position with him.

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