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Best Ulbrig Build in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Which path are you taking?
Images provided by Owlcat

Pathfinder as a game is all about breaking it. Or maybe it’s all about the class role-play that you can do, or maybe it’s the stories. What I do know is sometimes we need guidance on how to build a class, especially ones that the game provides to us on prebuilt characters. Ulbrig is the newest character added to the latest Owlcat RPG. This is our guide for the Best Ulbrig build in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

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Since he’s a Shifter he can morph into a Griffonheart which is considerably the strongest choice that the class has. Griffonheart aspects grant him level bonuses to Strength. Unlike other shifters he will unlock other combat feats at varying levels. Once he is level 4 he will be able to grapple an enemy for free on top of gaining three attacks per turn. Two with his claws and one bite.

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty.


Alignment Neutral Good
FeatsPower Attack (L1), Weapon Focus: Claw (L1), Weapon Focus: Bite (L3)
Core Items+Wisdom Hat, Mask of Rapid Bites, Ring of Imminent Demise, Evasion Ring, Bracers of Animal Fury, Apprentice Robe/Bestial Rags, Hasty Eradicator, Unslumbering Predator
SkillsMobility 3, Perception, Use Magic Device, Nature, Stealth

Above is the overview of Ulbrig. The things that are set in stone here will be his class, race, alignment, background, feats and skills. These are the things he joins your party with. Usually party members join you and have one or two skills or feats that may need to be tweaked but luckily for us Ulbrig is solid from the start.



This is just the stat block you want to aim for while you level Ulbrig up. Strength is going to be his main stat you want to increase followed by DEX and CON. There may be room to not bother with any Wisdom stat increases and dump the extras into CON to make him a bit more of a tank, up to you.

Images provided by Owlcat

Leveling Guide

LevelClass – Skill
5Shifter – Dodge
7Alchemist – Outflank
8Fighter – Lunge
9Alchemist – Improved Unarmed
11Shifter – Crane Style
12Shifter – Improved Critical: Claw
13Shifter – Shifter’s Multiattack
15Shifter – Extended Aspects
17Shifter – Shatter Defenses
19Shifter – Greater Weapon Focus: Claw
20Shifter (whatever you want)
Images provided by Owlcat

Mythic Path

1Master Shapeshifter
2Power Attack (Mythic)
3Archmage Armour
4Improved Critical (Mythic): Claw
5Last Stand
6Weapon Specialization (Mythic): Claw
7Mythic Charge
8Weapon Focus (Mythic): Claw
9Rupture Restraints or Ever Ready

Since you get Ulbrig at level 4 he will already be established in what he can do as a character in your party. But make sure you take two levels in different classes. At level 7 we want to take the Outflank feat from Alchemist. Then at level 8 we want to take Lunge from the Fighter class. What Outflank will do is give you a +4 to every attack roll where there is a party member on the opposite side of the enemy. Lunge is also important to take because it increases Ulbrig’s reach by 5 feet. Ideally making him able to attack from most locations because of his reach and ability to fly over enemies.

Besides those two dips into different classes we want to focus on the Shifter skills. Everything we have built out for him is focused on shredding enemy defenses and making Ulbrig a potential one hit killer for your party. Essentially at level 7 he can potentially hit an enemy three times in one round, which is absurd. By level 20 he will be attacking for six or seven hits a round with bleed and trip attributes.

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