How to Reroll in Mario Kart Tour

While the new Mario Kart Tour mobile game has only been out for two days, players are already discussing “rerolling.” This term refers to the act of deleting data or creating a new account to take advantage of the random free character at the start of the game.

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Our Mario Kart Tour tier list has a ranking of characters from best to worst, and some players just really want to get their hands on one of the best characters as quickly as possible. Here’s how to reroll in Mario Kart Tour if you want to do this.

How to Reroll in Mario Kart Tour

In Mario Kart Tour, you can choose to delete your save data, which means you do not need to reinstall the game completely to reroll. To do this, tap the menu button and scroll to the bottom where it says Start Fresh.

You can do a reroll every 17 minutes into the game.

  1. Download Mario Kart Tour
  2. Log in with your Nintendo Account
  3. Fire the Pipe – results are completely random but you are more likely to get Toad, Toadette, Peachetta or Bowser
  4. Play the first tutorial
  5. Download additional content (automatic)
  6. Finish Mario Cup
  7. Receive 20 Rubies
  8. Use Rubies to fire four more Pipes
  9. If you don’t get the character you want, head to menu > Start Fresh, and restart at step 3.

Some players are reporting having re-rolled 50+ times already in an attempt to get their favorite character. It appears there are unlimited attempts at starting fresh.

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