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How to Recruit All Characters in Tactics Ogre Reborn

You have some recruiting to do!

Tactics Ogre Reborn has dozens of characters that you can recruit and choices you make throughout the game will influence how they join you.

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It’s easy to get lost when talking about recruitable characters in Tactics Ogre Reborn. There are so many of them that you can easily confuse one with the other, especially since they aren’t all recruited in the same way. Some will be recruited after a short chat while others will need to be defeated in battle first.

Knowing how complex this web of characters is, we’ve come up with this overview that will help you navigate better. Each chapter will offer new characters so before recruiting anyone you need to make sure you are in the right chapter.

How to Recruit All Characters in Tactics Ogre Reborn

Characters in Chapter I

  • Canopus (vartan) will join you automatically when you engage in battle at Tynemouth Hill.
  • Voltare and Sara (knight/archer) join after the battle of Krysaro.
  • Donnalto and Felicia (clerics) can’t be recruited together. At the end of the battle of Krysaro, if you help Donnalto stay alive, you will recruit him. However, if you let him die, Felicia joins you.

At the end of Chapter I, the decision you make will take you either on the Lawful or Chaotic path for Chapter II. This decision will influence which characters you will be able to recruit and/or when. Once you choose one path you will be able to switch around and even go on a Neutral path if you wish.

Characters in Chapter II

Chapter II Lawful Route

  • Xapan (berserker) will happily come with you if you save him in the battle at Qadriga Fortress.

Chapter II Chaotic Route

  • Arycelle (archer) will first join you as a guest after the battle of Xeod Moors (she has to survive the battle though). If you wish to keep her as a regular party member you just have to make sure she doesn’t die during the next few battles and she will join you full-time after the battle in Tynemouth Hill.
  • Folcurt (knight), Cistina (valkyrie), and Bayin (wizard) are intertwined and their in-game fates are connected. You will first have a chance to recruit Folcurt, then Bayin, and lastly Cistina. You need to recruit and keep Folcurt alive in order to recruit Bayin and then keep them both alive to take Cistina in the end. Just don’t forget that you will encounter Cistina in Chapter I where she needs to survive if you want to hire her in Chapter II.

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Chapter III

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Chapter III Lawful Route

  • Jeunan (Dragoon) will be recruitable after the battle at Brigantys. When the group of prisoners asks Dunam whether Hierophant’s enemies are his enemies as well, you need to reply with “How could they be?” and Jeunan will join your party.
  • Ravness (valkyrie) is a complex character and so is recruiting her. You will first need to choose to take part in the Balmamusa massacre (Lawful route) after which you need to make sure that Ravness doesn’t die under any circumstances (warning: this part isn’t easy). After she was kept alive you need to read the Talk topic “Ravness Loxaerion Captured” after the Rhea Boum Aqueduct battle and go to rescue Ravness in the Reisan Way. Furthermore, you will need to recruit Jeunan and read the “Lord of Coritanae” topic before you enter Bahanna Highlands. Once in battle with Roberval, and his HP is below 70% Denam and Jeunan should start a dialogue that ends with Denam saying “Balbatos must fall, or they died for nothing” at the end of the battle. Take Coritanae and go back to Bahanna and talk to Ravness again. Help her survive one more battle and she will offer to join your party.
  • Vyce (ranger), Arycelle (archer), Mirdyn, and Gildas (white knights) will all be able to join you when going back to Almorica Castle. Keep in mind that Arycelle will leave your party on her own if the choices you make contradict her worldview.
  • Hobyrim (swordmaster) will be a guest in your party until Ozma is defeated at Rhime. If he survives that battle, he will be recruitable.

Chapter III Neutral Route

  • Mirdyin (white knight) joins you at Almorica Castle.
  • Tamuz (knight), Phaesta (valkyrie), and Chamos (wizard) will join you if you go to Krysaro in between the battle of Tynemouth Hill and going to Port Asyton. Once in Krysaro, you will hear about some prisoners at Qadriga Fortress and need to go there and help them. While in battle, all three will be incapacitated and you need to either revive them or win the battle before their overhead timer runs out. Whoever survives will join you after the battle.
  • Hobyrim (swordmaster) will be recruitable after the battle at Qadriga Fortress by choosing the first dialogue option when interacting with him. He isn’t in any battle and you don’t need to protect him like some of the other characters.
  • Dievold (terror knight) and Oelias (cleric) will need to be saved during the battle in Port Asyton in order to be recruitable. If one of them dies while the other one lives, you can still recruit the person that survived.

Chapter III Chaotic Route

  • Hobyrim (swordmaster) should be saved in the battle of Bahanna Highlands and you can recruit him right after.
  • Myrdyn and Gildas (white knights) will join you once you return to Almorica Castle.
  • Cerya (valkyrie) joins automatically after you defeat Oz Moh Glacius at the battle of Boed Fortress.

Chapter IV

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There are a lot of options in Chapter IV that are connected to the choices you’ve made in earlier chapters so I will not be sorting them out by Chaotic, Lawful, or Neutral route.

  • Olivya (cleric) joins you by default at the beginning of Chapter IV after you go to Brigantys Castle.
  • Cressida (necromancer) is pretty hard to recruit as you need to have a very specific game route in order to get her. First, you will need to read the Talk topic “The Balamusa Dead” in Chapter 4 (Chaos route). This will trigger the Balamamusa battle where you need to revive Oelias (cleric) and kill all the undead. Afterward, you should go to Qadriga Fortress to fight Dievold (terror knight), and when that is complete follow up to the place called Golyat and fight Nybeth. In that battle, you need to save Cressida and tell her “You will not be judged by me” in a dialogue that will prompt her to join you. Note that you must have a high Chaos Frame with Galgastan, in order to recruit her.
  • Sherri (witch) will first be encountered at Hagia Banhamuba. You need to fight her until she has around 10% HP and let her teleport out. Afterward, in between going to Phidoch Castle and Barnicia Castle, go to Balmamusa when it’s raining with Olivya (she needs to have at least medium loyalty) and talk with Sherri. After the cutscene, she will join you. Note: you can make it rain by using a Horn of the Savage before going to Balmamusa.
  • Cerya (valkyrie) and Ehlrig (cleric) can be recruited in Chapter 4 Neutral if you haven’t played Chapter III in Chaotic. You would first need to be in Chapter 3 N and save her in the battle against Oz Moh Glacius, after which she will escape. Then, in Chapter 4 N you would need to go to Krysaro and read the Warren Report Talk entry called “Pirates of Qadriga Fortress” to get to a special event. Once there, initiate the battle with Captain Ehlrig but when he asks you a question reply with “Will you aid us?”. You won’t end up fighting him and you will be able to recruit Cerya and Ehlrig.
  • Ozma (knight commander) is exclusive to the Lawful route. Firstly, you need to have recruited Hobyrim during Chapter 3 and read “A Rift in the Dark Knights” topic before entering Mount Hedon in Chapter 4. Secondly, you need to go and rescue Mreauva at Hagia Banhamuba and go to Krysario with Hobyrim’s high loyalty. When you take him to battle versus Volaq and Ozma, she prompts a question about whether that’s really Hobyrim. You confirm that he is in fact Hobyrim and continue to fight them until Ozma is at 10% HP and Volaq is defeated. In case Ozma doesn’t surrender right away, keep killing the soldiers around her and she will eventually do so. After that, you go to a cutscene where she will tell you that she owes you for her brother’s death to which you reply that you owe her for your father’s. After that, she is recruited.
  • Xapan (berserker) can be hired here only if you’re on a Lawful route. If you haven’t recruited him in Chapter 2, you will need to fight him in Golyat and bring him down to critical HP. He will surrender and let you recruit him.
  • Catiua (princess) is a hard one to recruit. When you save Mreuva he will ask whether Denam wants to kill Catiua. You can reply either yes or no, and still be able to recruit her but the gameplay will be different. Saying yes will get her in the battle against you of Barnicia Grand Staircase alongside Lanselot. Your goal in this battle is Lanselot so you must go for him while not killing Catiua. After the fight is over you need to say “You are my sister, and I love you” in a cutscene to recruit her. On the other hand, if you said no to killing her in the initial dialogue she would run away and reappear after the battle. Here you need to choose “I took no joy in our parting” in your cutscene replies.
  • Azelstan (buccaneer) is a character that will have to be recruited through multiple steps. First off, you need to unlock Port Omish and you will do that by reading “Port Omish, Den of Thieves”. Going there will take you to a challenging fight where you must keep Azelstan alive. After this, read “The Pirate’s Graveyard” while you are in between Hagia Banhamuba and Barnicia Castle in your story to unlock the special dungeon called Pirate’s Graveyard. Once you go there, you need to initiate battle but you don’t need to win in order to get a new Talk topic called “The Dread Pirate”. Read this, go back to Port Omish, and visit Qadriga Fortress (in that order). Then follow the story to the point after Barnicia Castle and go to Port Omish one more time where you will need to save Azelstan from pirates. Lastly, you can visit Pirate’s Graveyard at any time and you will find Azelstan in the Crystal Halls. He will first join you as a guest and if he survives the battle he will become a permanent member of your party.
  • Lindl (fusilier) will be recruitable after the events in Barnicia Castle and Phidoch. During the battle of Barnicia Castle he will give a gun to a random Templar. Kill that Templar and pick up the Rim Fire gun from him. Then read the “Rhamsen Wreck Raided” and go to Grimsby. There you will participate in a battle with him and if he survives he will join you.
  • Ocionne (beast tamer) will be available at lawful route only. After Barnicia and Phidoch read “Mysterious Blast at Exeter”. Take Junan with you and go for the Palace of the Dead quest. There you will fight a couple of times and go to Lhazan Fort where you need to save Ocione. You need to follow up on every dialogue between Ocionne, Jeunan, and Denam until Denam says “Yes, but his remorse is sincere”. Then just make sure she survives all the battles and you will recruit her.
  • Ganpp (beast tamer)[with Obda and Berda] can be recruited after saving Lindl. You need to head to Neimrahava Woods and he will attack you with his pet Gryphons (Obda and Berda). Rush Ganpp to critical HP without killing him or either of his Gryphons. He will then surrender and join you alongside his pets.
  • Deneb (witch) is a unique recruit. At the start of Chapter 4 read “Deneb’s Store” from Warren Report and then visit her shop (Deneb’s Shop can change locations). Once there, purchase over 99 items of any type from her and you will unlock the “join” choice on the shop’s menu. Clicking “join” will recruit her. Don’t forget that recruiting her will remove her shop from the map, so buy anything you might need beforehand.
  • Rudlum (warlock) can be found surrounded by the undead on the second floor of the Palace of the Dead dungeon. Save him, and he will join you after that battle. If you haven’t unlocked this dungeon yet, you can do it by reading “Mysterious Blast on Exter” in the Warren Report.


CODA is the continuation of the story from Tactics Ogre Reborn exclusive to the PSP version of the game (Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together). There are three extra characters you can recruit here:

  • Iuria (songstress) – You will need to read about Iuria in the Warren Report Talk topic before going to Port Omish. Escape the battle you see there and read the new topic about her that appeared, close the Warren Report, and open it again for yet another fresh topic about Iuria. When you have completed these steps, go to Pirate’s Graveyard and complete battles there to recruit her.
  • Warren (astromancer) – Episode two, called “Search for Warren”, will have you reach floor 115 before you encounter him. Make sure he survives the battle in order to recruit him. Note: you will only have this option if you have Catiua and Mirdyn recruited and canonically alive.
  • Lanselot (holy knight) – When in episode three, you will fight a battle at the Arkhaiopolis of Rhime which Lanselot needs to survive in order to be recruitable.

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